Banana frost… The reason I’m alive

Banana frost, a simple yet sweet dessert many people underrate. It’s so sweet you can still savor the splendid taste of only mere bananas mixed with vanilla ice cream and caramel. I’m not a fan of sweets but this glorious dessert took me away. As I enjoy this treat I think to myself: “I wish my life would be as simple yet sweet as this dessert.”
And indeed, I do really wish my life was like that. My life is a mix of two simple things yet when they come together they make life hard, yet worth living. And those simple things are being gay, and being Lebanese. You might think that I’m making things bigger than they seem, you might underestimate me, just like a banana frost; but trust me, life is sure a bumpy ride living this way. But friends make life sweeter and worth the ride, just like the caramel. In the end, I do wish life was a banana frost, sweet and simple.


Banana frost, that famous dessert that moved me to write…


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