Getting to know me.

Hello, welcome to my blog.

First off, let’s get to know me. Hi, I’m a Lebanese closeted gay teen whose identity cannot be shared, I created this blog after an incident that happened to me involving my family (which I will explain on my next blog) and their backward-thinking Lebanese way of living. While I was in a deep depressive instance, I had suicidal thoughts. But I held on, I held on first for my best friend, and secondly I held on for every gay person out there. I promised myself, I must help my fellow gay teens out of suicidal thoughts. I held on for my best friend and my deep send of humanity towards other gay teens, but who knows, maybe some teen out there might not have the same blessings. So I created this blog, I created this blog not only for help, but also to have a nice time getting to know my country’s prehistoric yet pretty developed and complex way of thinking compared to its Arab neighbors and many more other stuff.

So this is for you, my best friend, my lovely friend from Tripoli, and every gay person out there.


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