Come on people, seriously?!

Us humans are weird, we always complain (specially Lebanese people) and we are always (I repeat ALWAYS) not satisfied. We criticize a lot and judge other people and target a lot of people for fun. For example, in the USA last year, all around were found people saying how Rebecca Black sucks and how her voice is disgusting and other mean things. But trust me, the Lebanese have taken things way too far.
The past four years or so Lebanese people began running out of lyrics, so they began singing about many irrelevant things. It started from “owa owa” to writing on walls, then we started drifting to damaging cars and cigarettes (kassaretli lsiyyara) to even songs about apples! But come one people, cats?! Bloody cats? The so called song “Antar” talks about Myriam’s (the singer) “cat”.The lyrics seem to be written by a four year old! If This abomination is music, then I’m the new Beethoven. And as it seems, she’s not so smart (duhhh), take a look:


My dear Myriam, you won’t look cool or smart by using the word “gay” as an insult over and over

And yes people, lady Myriam Klink used the word “gay” as an insult. This is enough to show us her IQ levels, and I’m not even including this thing here (imagine my reaction as a grammar nazi)!
But yallah, not everything’s bad, at least she preserved her “natural look”…


Miss Koussa Lips, as I like to call her, ya ma7llah Myriam 3a 2aoulet imme

Oh well, what can we do? R7amouna ya 3amme, ma bi kafeena our politicians?


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