MTV’s (Murr TV) homophobic scandal


Before I start I have to make the idea clear, when I say MTV we’re talking about Murr TV not Music TV…

MTV, the so called “voice of freedom” turned its back towards humanity. MTV supposedly strikes for “continuous betterment” while it supports racism, sexism, and last but not least, homophobia. Out of all of these I’m going to focus on homophobia.


The so called “voice of freedom” supports hate in many of its ways through their shows.

The homophobia first started with the airing of the characters Majdi and Wajdi in the show “Ma Fi Metlo.” The characters are very feminine and delicate. They hit on every make (even the ugly ones) and are willing to shove anything up their buttholes. This gives a bad image of us gays and it strongly encourages the stereotype and/or idea that all gay males are like that, creating a stronger hate towards them. Then shortly after Obama declared that he supported gay marriage, the show “General View” criticized him for that. I first ignored these and didn’t make a big deal out of it, yet MTV decided to take it to the point of no return.
It all began when Joe Maalouf, Enta Horr’s (You Are Free) host, accused the “government” for protecting “perverts in cinemas”. Now I don’t care whether Joe is a closet gay or not. I didn’t even know who Joe Maalouf was before this. But come on, I think it’s been many decades developed countries stopped using the term “pervert” to describe homosexuals. Plus I don’t think you can accuse something that doesn’t exist of doing anything. And hello? Out of all the actual bad things you can pick on you decided gays?! Wow…


The stupid homophobe Our dear Joe Maalouf.

So how does the so called “government” react? It arrests 36 men, submitting them to an embarrassing torture they call “the gay exam” which consist of an anal test that checks for traces of sperm by inserting an egg shape device, and a doctor takes pictures of the anus to “study” the shape of the hole (the larger the width, the more likely the person is gay). This “anal medical examination” is denounced by Human Rights Watch as an act of torture. Many people, including the founder of Helem Georges Azzi, then opposed Joe for his actions, in which Joe responds: ‘Just to teach u a lesson not to make things up abt people… at last we discovered what helem.s level and urs mr azzi is those dirty cinemas… I used to wonder why no one listened to u, now I knew’. Joey please, you’re an adult already! Learn some grammar, and some human rights won’t do you bad!
MTV, our voice of freedom, you let us down. Joe Maalouf, I hope you’re happy somewhere in some gay-friendly European country running away from your threats.


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