Inside the Mind of the Quiet

Imagine this: people yelling different points of views, some are quiet, some are very defensive, some looks disgusted, some don’t care, and of course, some are suspiciously quiet.
Don’t worry, this is no street fight nor is it a debate club or an argument between politicians, this is my classroom when the subject of homosexuality was opened.
It was a Friday, one of the first sessions of the day. We had history with our very open minded American teacher, and for some reason, the subject of American elections was opened. Our teacher shared that she supported Obama, a mistake I bet she regrets because as soon as she said that, a clever student stated:

“But miss, no offense or anything, but if Obama wins, he’s gonna let homosexuals live.”

After she uttered those words, the class burst into an explosion of opinions and points of view. Some were more like:

Yiiiiih, eww tfeh, Romney for life!!!

Ewww miss how can people chose to be gay, like, I can’t stand the sight of two men/women holding hands, so disgusting!

They’re gonna rot in hell

And some (only two people) were more like this:

I don’t believe marriage is between man and woman, I believe marriage is between love and love.


It’s a way of life, my dear, it’s the way they live and we should respect that.

And of course, there were the quiet ones. Quiet because they didn’t have an opinion, didn’t want to get involved, didn’t have an opinion, some were disturbed, and some didn’t really care; but none of those reasons matched mine.
I was quiet because I was shocked, I didn’t expect “J” to react that way, I really learned to appreciate her more. I was quiet because I didn’t like some reactions. I was quiet because I didn’t want to open my mouth and let anger take control over my body and teach some humanitarian lesson to some ignorants. But I believe I was quiet mostly because I didn’t want to raise people’s curiosity, I didn’t want the “What’s wrong with you?” or the “Are you gay?” looks, although I believe the look on my eyes and my blushing gave it away.
The conversation quickly faded away and silence was only broken by the teacher’s explanation, but inside my head, the argument was still burning, the words were still stabbing my thoughts, my mind was clashing with all the thoughts and new ideas about my classmates. After the argument I began appreciating “J” and my teacher more, I never expected their humanitarian spirits were that high.

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”
― Leonardo da Vinci


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