List of Favorite Gay Short Films

Short films- a great way to waste some spare time you got. I myself am not a really huge fan of short films (specially gay short films) since most of them don’t make any sense (at least to my developing teenage mind) or make me feel sad, depressed, confused, or stupid afterwards. These are some exceptions I really like:
Babysitting Andy

Andy might not seem like a prodigy or a polite child, but she sure is witty! Imagine the things her uncle an his boyfriend have to go through. The finale was shocking and funny. Babysitting Andy is a short film worth watching!
This Car Up
Follow the life of two different men as they share love from first sight. This Car Up is sure a sweet film.

Ever been to a gay bar? Remember your first time? Wonder what the people are thinking? Well those questions will be answered in this well made, funny video that tells the story of the people who you might find in a gay bar. Ranging from the stood up guy to the annoying blind date, from the guy pretending to be gay to get into some girl’s pants to the girl who pretends to be straight, and many characters more including the go-go dancer, the fabulous queen, the annoying laz2a and many more. Neurotica is a must-watch film.
P.S: Sorry I couldn’t find the right link, been searching for it all summer long.

The weird things that could happen in a cafe, specially when a closeted guy and his friends clash with a flamboyantly gay guy and his fag hags. Heavy making out, fighting, waitress quitting, sure must be a special place. Coffee? is sure a movie with an ironic, funny ending.

Crush indeed is the very best short film ever. It is a very happy and moving short film, it is sure a cliffhanger. The story talks about a gay guy moving into a new town, where he meets Tina, the sweet lighthearted girl who soon starts to grow a crush on him. What do you think will happen after she finds out he’s gay? Will she try to win his heart or just sadly move on? This innocent girl will surely surprise you and get you where you least expected her. As I said before, Crush is a short movie that will cheer you up and give you a great time…

I hope you liked my short films. What do you think? Did you like them? Have anything to add?


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