Homophobia. Homophobia

And then the teacher said:
You gotta pick something that bothers you and write a speech about it…
The first that came into my mind. Homophobia. I couldn’t get the word “homophobia” out of my head, I couldn’t get the infinitely many creative ways to write a speech about that subject which would raise the curiosities. Homophobia. Had to get that word out of my head, can’t risk my safety for a mere speech. Homophobia. Why out of all the subjects to choose homophobia has to push its way into the center of my concentration. Why not the endless topics to write about, why not the electricity, why not the water, why not the racism, unproductive vain, poverty, pollution… Am I going to allow homophobia rule my mind and drive me crazy? Why now? Why me? Why homophobia? That word is making me shudder now. Gotta make up my mind, gotta choose a subject, gotta keep it safe, gotta keep my mind clear.
Homophobia. Homophobia…


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