Raising you voice, Stand up for your rights!

Dedicated to Miss O, my favorite and best teacher.
Many were the times I let people insult homosexuals, but not this time. Many were the insults and curses, but not this time. This time I bravely stood up and defended my rights.
Last times I let myself get indirectly insulted in class and even inside “the safe haven” of my home. This time I mustered my courage to speak up, even under the safety of a lie.

Again, it all began in the classroom, with the same teacher. We discussed this subject briefly the day before with two new supporters of homosexuals, it was quickly forgotten until the next day, the day I stood up.

Gays and homos shouldn’t marry!

the typical homophobes said.
I began getting annoyed.

Yeah it’s like imagining someone from the same sex naked, ew.

I was boiling.

Listen to me, I go a lot of lesbian friends and they’re super cool,

I lied

and they are humans and it’s totally ok with me.

He’s right girls, they’re humans and they deserve rights just like everyone else.

the teacher stated, willing to help.

Yeah miss, you guys might think it’s wrong, but they think you’re the wrong one!

two classmates supported.
It’s disgusting! whispered one.

Don’t like it? Close your eyes! Don’t look! Damn it!

As the discussion was interrupted by the sharp sound of the ringing bell, it carried on into the break, creating a bigger discussion with many people from both sides joining in.
Although I hid myself in a lie, I got a lot of support from my teacher, whom I love so much. I felt weirdly different, a little bit stronger, more willing to help more people.
Thank you Miss O for all the support, I hope you’ll be reading this in the future…


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