Sweet, Sweet Sixteen

Monday, the shadows of death still wander around. Coincidentally, it’s my birthday, my “sweet sixteen” birthday. Yes that supposedly magical birthday yet it wasn’t as happy.
It all started when I went to school, where sadness and tears were taking over. Everyone was mourning over the death of a former student, only few even caring about the incident in Beirut. My expectations of the Happy Birthday song were soon effaced by the tears and frowns and that painful silence. Teachers tried to cheer the students by giving speeches about life, that life is harsh, that we should live our best. That’s when I began realizing that most of them are right!
First, I began cheering up, learning to grow up. So what if my birthday sucked? What matters if it’s gonna stay that way, and I won’t let that happen. I began lighting up my mood and opening up more little by little, cheering everyone and turning those frowns upside down. As everyone’s mood was getting better, we began “enjoying” the time we had left until we go home (although some decided to stay gloomy and some swinging between sad and happy).
I went home, taking with me great lessons of life that I’ll cherish forever. And my gift? My gift was a gift of giving. Inspired after what happened, I used the money for my birthday for orphans, because the real gifts I got were the gifts of knowledge.
After all, this birthday seems to be a very magical one!


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