Bitter Dream, Worse Reality

Buildings on fire, dead bodies everywhere, smell of blood and dust, sound of cries and screams muffled by those of the bullets and bombs, this my friends is wartime, and I was living it on my dream as if it were on real life.
It was nighttime, on a city somewhere in the woods. It wasn’t a very peaceful one, for the sound of the bullets and cries broke the longed silence and peace and the smell of blood and fear blocked the smell of the nearby flower gardens. The reason for the war or the competing sides were obscure, violence being the only clear thing. The was a battle in the outskirts of the city, the citizens began evacuating their homes and heading towards the main bunkers. But alas! We were ambushed by a surprise attack! Many were the people who panicked, yet many people were still preparing to fight. My adrenaline rushed me to run away; so I ran, I ran as fast as I could to anywhere safe, and that was an abandoned villa. As I was running I didn’t notice someone running along with me. We both entered the villa searching for somewhere to hide, only to find a dim chapel; the ashes and dust made everything inside it gray, everything but the walls caked with blood, and the floor piled up with dead bodies. This gruesome view was interrupted by the heavy thumps and screams of the soldiers stomping in, searching for survivors. We both panicked and without uttering a single word, we decided to lay between the corpses and pretend we’re dead. So I dropped down flat, ignored the foul smell of blood and the ash, and stood as still as I could. Minutes felt like hours, the soldiers entered, I couldn’t hear anything, my ears were closed; but one thing was sure, I could feel my heartbeat thud, thud, and thud. I felt the steps of the soldiers as they inspected the room, I looked up and found a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in ashes and blood. thud thud, thud thud. I closed my eyes in fear and waited for the soldiers to leave, and it felt like forever. All of a sudden, a sharp shriek rang through my ears, my fellow escapee was abducted. As all the soldiers turned to inspect what happened, I seized the chance to run. I swiftly picked myself up and ran outside from another door, I ran and no one noticed. Who would notice over all the sharp, loud screaming and shrieking the captive was hollering, an all the fighting that persons was struggling? I searched through the house for a hiding place, I saw the sitting room, a living room, and finally a kitchen! I scanned for a knife, but I heard the voices of the soldiers, they must be searching for other survivors! I took a glimpse of something that looked like a door, yes a door, would it be the door of my salvation? I took no time to go through that door which turned out to be a balcony. I sat below the window, hugging my legs and clutching the knife. It was a starless, bloody night, the smell of death still wandered around, the clouds of smoke still puffed, the screams and cries were reduced into moans of grief and sadness. I decided to lay flat, the floor was cold, cold as a December night. And I lay there, waiting, the frigidity spreading over my body, a cold breeze swept its blades on me. And I waited, and waited, and waited for a sign. Oh only if knowing there was someone in the kitchen would be more merciful than the long, deceiving waiting and wondering. I felt a little thud, and I grasped my knife so hard my knuckles turned white. I tried sitting up into the fetal position, but something was wrong, I couldn’t move my leg up. In a sudden yet bitter realization I felt the tight clasp of a hand pulling harder, and harder. In a sudden unconscious reaction I dropped the knife from my hand, watching it fall from the old Lebanese styled building, I watched my only hope fall while the tight hand pulled harder. I tried kicking, I tried screaming, but all in vain. I closed my eyes as my life flashed through my eyes, and the clasping and pulling was too much I gave up. As I was being pulled and rolled through the rough, cold floor I opened my eyes to my room. I was in safety! It was all a nightmare!
After waking up I could sleep again, maybe it was the thought of the sights, maybe it was the thought of the blood, screams, fire, bullets, fear. But in a sudden realization I knew what was bothering me, it is the fact that many children and teenagers actually have been through that, and even worse. The truth was as bitter as an unswallowed pill, and that bitterness took away the coziness of my sleep, luckily, for that night only.
Taken from a nightmare…


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