Life in Dream Mode

When I switch my life into dream mode, I open a door to a new world, a world where everything is different…

Although I have a tendency to forget the dreams that are created in my sleep, I cherish the ones dreamed with my eyes open, my daydreams!

I turned the volume of my music up. This time to the song Dark Paradise, I have always liked to listen to Lana Del Rey, and today it was no exception. As soon as the song started, a blurry picture was becoming clearer, and my mind began drifting from reality to the surreal world of my dreams.

Every time I close my eyes, it’s like a dark paradise…
The rough sound of a motorcycle was breaking the silence of an infinite road in the middle of nowhere. Driving the motorcycle was a handsome man wearing a helmet that covered his face, behind him I sat, hugging and clutching his strong back. His sweet scent smelled better than any of the flowers in the gardens of heaven above, and his skin, his skin burned my touch passionately like a fierce flame burning ferociously. The feelings were too much for me, so I decided to lay my head on his shoulders. Even the thought of it gave me goosebumps, and it was then when I discovered that I might have the wonderful gift of dreaming with my five senses. And as the song began to end, I slowly opened my eyes to the bitter reality still with the pleasuring odor tingling in my nose, and the burning touch in my skin, ready to press replay and close my eyes and start over again.
I don’t wanna wake up from this tonight.


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