Why I Hate Majdi w Wajdi

Majdi w Wajdi, two gay, stupid, annoying characters from the famous Lebanese show Ma Fi Metlo. They’re one of the most popular and most wanted characters in the show. The problem is not that they’re gay. The problem is not that they’re flamboyant. The problem is the way they portrait them. The problem is how the people wait for the show just to target these characters and make fun of them, and as typical Lebanese do, criticize.
The first episodes featuring these characters were in the show La Youmal, the previous and less popular version of Ma Fi Metlo in another channel. Now they weren’t as badly displayed or targeted as in Ma Fi Metlo, in fact not many people knew about them. But these characters weren’t pleasing the very conservative TV channel owners; so after several more episodes, they stopped making Majdi w Wajdi sketches. And a couple of years later, the whole show was canceled, with the same actors creating the same show but in another channel, our dear MTV.
Now the problem started when MTV’s Ma Fi Metlo started creating Majdi w Wajdi sketches, which were far more offensive (due to the owner’s “tolerance”), displaying them as highly flamboyant, very slutty, willing-to-stuff-anything-up-their-asses kind of people. And as the popularity of both the show and the characters grew, the offensiveness increased by a lot, even leading to very silly, non-funny crap.
Now I hate Majdi w Wajdi not because they’re highly feminine and flamboyant, but because they’re the only example homophobes or people ignorant about homosexuality have. They only display gay people as highly flamboyant, very feminine and delicate, and willing to stuff anything up their buttholes, forgetting about those who are the total opposite and then are obliged to be viewed into such a stereotype. They never displayed a gay character who is not flamboyant or slutty, and this is ruining homosexual people’s names. Now you can find homophobic cartoons on Facebook about these two characters. Characters that don’t like to be called “shebeb” (guys). Characters that are becoming lamer, crappier, and more homophobic with each episode. Characters that display a humanitarian issue faced not only in Lebanon, but the whole Middle East. These characters are destroying the hard struggles some homosexual people had fought to gain respect, tolerance, and acceptance.
Just about yesterday my friend was remarking how the length of the new iPhone 5 could please Majdi w Wajdi a lot…


3 thoughts on “Why I Hate Majdi w Wajdi

  1. i am waiting for the time when we will see a decent show in lebanon telling what homosexuality really means … but it will never happen !
    eventually people will be bored and they will forget about majdi w wajdi just like they forgot about other characters and shows ….

    • I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. People in these times are hungry for targets to make fun of. This means it’s gonna take a bit longer to forget them.
      If only there was a way I could anonymously contact the creators, just let them read this in some sort of way, maybe they’ll feel with us and wake up…

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