Freaky Wednesday

You are such a sweetheart, your parents must be really proud of you…

Words uttered by the best teacher ever, Miss O. Words that made me stop for one second. Words that were supposed to make me feel good, yet they ruined my whole day. Yes that was the start of my Freaky Wednesday.
After Miss O (whenever you are reading this, even in the future, I just want you to know that you’re the best!) said those words as a sign of gratitude, my day started to fall into a dark pit. Those words reminded me of my recent fight with my parents. Those words reminded me of how ashamed my parents are from me, no matter how much my grades go up, no matter how many friends I have, they still want more. Parents can’t be satisfied. Period.
As if that wasn’t enough I learn later that my crush had made up with his girlfriend (I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend) which actually, in a way or another, improved my mood. Now the first thought in my mind was: Whoa, turns out I’m not as lucky… Meh it’s better, even if he were gay, I couldn’t be in a relationship with him. But then as my day moved on, I surprisingly started to get over him; but still, somewhere in the back of my mind, I still admitted to myself that his girlfriend must be the luckiest girl on earth.
School was over, time to go home! With all these mixed feelings inside of me, I thought I would finally have some alone time to let the feelings all out. But guess what? Nope, my parents weren’t in the mood, and when they aren’t in the mood, then heck I shouldn’t be happy either. They wanted me to download something in their computer and laptop. I don’t know why but they see me as some sort of Bill Gates or something like that. I bet you even Bill Gates didn’t know everything, and still doesn’t know everything! But try explaining that to my parents. They both yelled at me, but I took every single thing without uttering one word, and damn I got used to it. After a lecture of how I should know everything and why I am the technological mind in this whole universe, I retired to read. I wish I had done that before, it really helped me get off my nerves! And now as I am writing this, the huge blend of feelings are getting mixed, waiting for a new tomorrow. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be a Freakier Thursday…


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