The Golden Wish

Today, 12 of 12 of the year 2012, the last time we will witness when the day, month, and year are the same number. This might be a really special day or the time to seize the opportunity to do something crazy or memorable. A couple of classmates and fellow students decided to gather around and make wishes once it is 12/12/2012 at 12:12 minutes. The whole group waited impatiently, asking each other how much time was left or if they already know their wish. Everyone was restless but me, the non-superstitious one, but I just went along with it. And as the once-in-a-lifetime moment was imminent, the thought of giving it a shot increased, I mean what can I lose? And when that moment came, we were all quiet. Some closing their eyes, some not caring, some just astonished at some people’s slow-wittedness, but we were all quiet. In that one priceless, one of a kind minute, I wished for three things to happen. My first wish was to stay in Lebanon, my dear beloved nation, the nation that is causing my parents so much headache, the nation that I hope I would not abandon. My second wish was that my precious friendship with my dearest best friend, the person who means the world to me. And my third wish (which will not happen unless i move out) was to find true love, for it has been too long for me.
After each one of us (well at least the ones who cared) finished up with his/her wish, we congratulated each other a “Happy 12-12-12”. It was a nice moment after all, and even if I don’t believe in that silliness, it was a pleasurable experience not only because everyone was quiet and calm, but also because they were so into it that they united even after no fight.
Happy 12-12-12…


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