The Innocent Kiss

Everybody’s got that sweet childhood memory, and I’ve got plenty of those. But now, this memory isn’t a sweet one, this is one of the memories I detest the most.
The sun shined bright through the ventilating spaces in the ceiling of a Venezuelan mall. And with the same warmth as the sun was the childish smile of a four year old toddler, that toddler was me. That toddler was playing around the playground close to his parents’ shop. That toddler didn’t have any worries nor did he have problems, until that toddler made that mistake of playing with a mischievous child. That toddler made the mistake of playing “house” with that kid, he was a kid he had seen and played with often, he didn’t seem like a threat. That toddler didn’t know what to do when the other kid decided not to play, he was desperate for company, so he reluctantly decided to play the game he didn’t want to play. That toddler made a huge mistake.
After I decided (more like I was forced) to play the other guy’s game, I felt that he was getting bored and thoughts of leaving me were growing in his head. As I began noticing that, I did what most of the female employees did to me whenever I was going to leave, and that is asking for a kiss in the cheek. The surprise of the little boy’s face was conspicuous, but evil thoughts were taking over the shock. He decided to tell his parents. I begged and implored for him not to say a word, I said that I was joking, yet through all of this I didn’t know what have I done wrong! His parents’ reaction were similar to his, they were shocked and decided to tell on my parents.
When my dad saw these usual customers, a smile lightened in his face. But that glowing smile was fading as they came closer and the look in their faces revealed their intentions. After my father was told the reason of their irritation, he was frantically disturbed. I got yelled at, hit, and punished afterwards. I was a toddler, I didn’t know what I did wrong, plus wasn’t it my dad who greeted his friends with a kiss on a cheek? Wasn’t it the female employees that asked me for kisses? What was the difference? I thought. What did I even do wrong?
I remember little of the event, for it is not one of my favorites. My memory also reminds me that we went to a supermarket afterwards, and my father yelled at me for asking for a children’s treat, he reminded me that I was grounded and how much he was mad and disappointed at me. I had seen the same child years after the event, and every time I saw him I ignored him and his parents. They forgot about it, and they think I forgot about it. Now that I’m mature enough, I have forgiven that guy, for he did nothing more than teach me a lesson about life, about how to choose my words and actions carefully, and how cruel life can be.


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