Smoking’s Bad, But There’s Something Worse

Tobacco… Heaven rolled in a paper for some, Hell in a stick for others. As a radical non-smoker I find any kind of smoking device as a nuisance. The dense smoke is like a hand suffocating my lungs. Now yes, everybody has the freedom to do whatever they want; but when people smoke, it affects all the people around them. Yet there’s something more annoying than smokers, it is the people who do it just for the sake of attention or showing off.
Today I went to a small “city” (more like a big village) close to my village. The streets were crowded with cars, and people passing around, nothing out of the routine. As I watched the people go I noticed something weird, a boy no older than twelve or thirteen years walking around. The intriguing cigarette dangling between his fingers arose my curiosity and disturbance. This wasn’t the first time I see an underage kid smoke, yet it felt about the same as when I first did. It disgusted me how he smoked it as if it was a casual daily activity. When I was his age I used to pretend straws or chocolate sticks were cigarettes, then I used to wipe the idea off my mind in disgust and go back to my videogames. But the cigarette wasn’t enough, he was also,mind my language, a huge asshole. Kids nowadays, drinking and smoking instead of playing.

I’m not a mean person, in fact I never wish anyone for bad. But this picture has a bit of sense in it.


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