The Last Sunset of 2012

2012, a year worth remembering. A year full of wars and peace, strangers and friends, fun and sad, love and hate, and tons of memories. And today, right now, it is the last day of this year.
The sun is imminent to set, I get myself ready to watch the sunset, one of my favorite activities. As I look into the yellow sky around the radiant sun and toward the shiny waters reflecting the color of the sky, I remember all the hardships and successes I went through. I remember all the good memories, and the bad. I look towards the yellow sea and green mountains. The chilly cold wind sways through the trees, telling me that I should go, that it is getting late. And as the last strands of sunlight glow around the sky and sea, I retire to prepare for the celebration wondering what the upcoming year will bring to me.



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