What Is It About You?

Nothing thrilled me more in the first day of school than you. You caught my eye when I first saw you. You kept me wishing you were in my class, and with disappointment I learned you weren’t. Although I forgot about you for the first couple of months of school, I fell back to you when I learned your name. Every time you looked my way I saw your soul through your eyes and the warmth of your smile. I innocently mistook your sweetness as signs of love. And how devastated I was when I learned you had a girlfriend, I always knew I had no chance and that we are not meant to be. I started backing off from something that never happened, I thought I got over you afterwards, plus your mean way of speaking to me (at least when you ever did) was getting annoying. But the sincere and comical way you told me how ridiculously embarrassing the couple behind us were kissing made me change my mind, and I slowly began falling back to you. Is it your deep brown eyes I keep falling into? Is it your glasses that I want to wear so much? Is it your perfectly white teeth? Or your very skinny cheeks I wanna pull and kiss? Is it you black hair that I want to caress so badly? Is it your voice that I want to hear every day? Or your bursting laughter that lightens up my day? Is it your tantalizing aroma that lifts me to heaven? What is it about you that I loved and I still love so much and that makes me want be with you? But it doesn’t matter anyways, because I will never be with you…


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