High School Is A Jungle

High school is indeed a jungle, a jungle where only the strong survive and the weak are fiercely devoured by gossips, rumors, bullying, and pure hate. Most of the girls are two faced, spoiled or with harsh attitudes while most of the guys are stupid douchebags with a brain smaller than a peanut, highly immature, and if by chance they’re mature, they’re socially awkward jerks. None of the teachers care about the students, only very few are the ones who do.
If you take a look at the campus in the breaks, you can sense the hate in the air. You can smell the backstabbing, the rumors, the broken friendships. High school is a place where everything is possible, strong friendships are broken in a matter of seconds, best friends turn into enemies, hate dominating everything going on. There’s no such things as private matters in high school, if your precious secrets fall into the hands of wrong people the once hidden secrets become the victims of the sharp tongues of insecure high schoolers. High school is a place where the person bullying the weak is considered strong and the bullied is weak if he/she decides to ignore the bullies. High school is a place where the different is a taboo. If you stand out of the mainstream, you’re actually placing the bullseye on you. No one can be trusted in high school, everyone is thirsty for drama and the reasons how to cause it, and secrets are a main ingredient for breaking up friendships and relationships and cause a hella lot of drama.
High school is a lawless jungle full of people who want to see you lose, with experience it can be easy for some. But what can a rookie or an amateur with no experience at all do? Luckily for me, what is the high school for some was actually my elementary school. However, even with all the drama and hate, high school can be a fun place and you can meet wonderful people.


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