That 1%

The world is a huge place. It is full of all kinds of people, each with different thinking and different opinions and views. There are random mixes of personalities and ways of acting. And often people believe acting outside the mainstream is bad and wrong.
In people’s head, guys should walk, talk, act, eat, dress, and move in a manly way. Guys should listen to heavy metal or rap only, for other things are not manly. Our society and this new generation is praising muscle over mind. Women, on the other hand, should be the total opposite of the men in their opinion. Women should always be feminine in any way possible, anyone acting otherwise will be outcasted from their complex stereotypical society. This society needs to open up to other ideas and ways of being.
When we were in one class one, the subject of changing was brought up. One of my classmates, a former tomboyish girl, spoke up about herself. She said that in the country she lived in, judging people wasn’t common. People were who they wanted to be with no one telling them they’re wrong, yet when she came to Lebanon she was disgusted by the way society thinks. In the first two years, it seemed impossible for her to be herself. But in the third year she gave in to society, she couldn’t bear their sharp tongues that spill nothing but poison. She started wearing her hair down, caring more about fashion, for example wearing dresses or doing her nails. She even gave up her greatest passion, soccer. And without her noticing, she slowly began becoming part of the society she once hated so much. The girl who used to stand out of the common died away with the crowd. She says she is fine with the change, and that she feels better, but inside she won’t be the same cheerful, happy hyper girls she once was. After a short debate with my teacher about whether it’s right for people to act the way they want, I started comparing myself to my classmate. She reminded me of myself, but the outcome was different.
I always knew I was like most of the boys, I liked Power Rangers, dinosaurs, wild animals, and those fighting games children usually have. Yet I was still different, I still liked playing with glittering ponies about the same. With the slow years passing I found myself safer with the presence of women. I always felt myself around them. And with time, my loving for usual boyish things balanced with my loving of usual girlish things, and this of course got me in the bullseye of insecure bullies. And as my fate began becoming the same as my classmate’s, I discovered myself. It took me a long time to embrace who I am and fight the community who despises me. And now, you can see me hanging out with girls, and sometimes with boys. Sometimes I hang out with a tomboy girl, a girl similar to my classmate yet far stronger in mind and muscle. That girl cheers me up and makes me stronger. That girl inspires everyone to be who they want to be without caring for anything. That’s real life, that’s our society, where the uncommon is rooted out and thrown away. It is that 1% that defy the society and leave their footprints in our hearts.


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