Broken Gaydar

You wear pink? You’re gay. You fluttered your hand by accident? You’re gay. You are too nice to me? You’re gay. You’re bad at sports? You’re gay. And guess what? If your socks match with your shirt then you’re gay.
Yes I got a bad case of a broken gaydar.
From my biology teacher to my 9th grade crush to the nice cashier to the cute waiter, all of them have been the innocent victims of my little dilemma. And the problem is not only the many confusing misunderstandments and mistakes, but it is also the fact that I hate labels and stereotypes. The very fact that I am choosing people’s sexuality according to the stereotypes I hate the most. It is truly irritating for both sides, even if the other person doesn’t have a clue about what is going on in my messed up mind.
Anyone knows a cute mechanic who can fix my gaydar?


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