My Response To Mohammad Skandar

One day, in our routine of promenading along our village’s “New Road”, I noticed my best friend was disturbed. This wasn’t unusual, so I asked for the reason of her annoyance. She told me: “Haven’t you listened to Mohammad Iskandar’s new song? It’s so annoying! It seems like he wants to piff-paff them (get rid of them)!” I was confused. I asked her: “Who? What? Why?” She just answered with a simple: “Listen to Dod L 3enf.” Her words were glued on my mind. The curiosity flipped through the hours until I reached home, opened my laptop, and watched. And as soon as it ended (and I got a clear translation of the lyrics) I honestly have to say: I don’t give a damn. I honestly don’t give a damn about what he think, because come on, he represents the majority of the people I know, the majority of those singers. The only difference is that he actually speaks up. It doesn’t matter to me, but it might matter to the self-doubting gay kid. It might matter to that young child who feels different. It might matter to the depressed closeted might matter to the suicidal teen. My response to him: I don’t care about what you think, but I care about my fellow LGBT people, those who are already oppressed and can’t handle the heavy burden anymore. So I flagged or reported his video, not for me, but for those whose sanity and life depend on it.
I have to thank Helm and Canada for banning him to make his concert there due to the homophobia and sexism found in his songs.


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