Counting The Days

How great was my shock after I’ve been told that I might leave Lebanon this summer! It’s as if my dreams were piled up and then crushed down by the depression and the hopelessness. My optimistic and happy self was twisted into a gloominess and darkness. Happiness lost its shine until I woke up from the deep melancholy I was in. My old optimistic self slapped me out of my over dramatic depression and I decided to view things in a better way. I seized the chance to enjoy my last days in my beloved country. I’ll plant more trees, have longer walks with my best friend, enjoy sunny days, promenade along the beach, visit Beirut and my village more often, watch lots of sunsets, study harder, and finally cherish all the memories. And now, day after day, I’m still counting the months, weeks, days with mixed feelings, wondering what’s with the future. Life works in mysterious way, having its smooth sides and its roughs. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a chance to see many sunsets and starlights more, all under my beloved Lebanese sky.


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