Annoying Family Members: Sissy Uncle

I discussed last time my homophobic uncle who segregates and discriminates against gays. Now, I’m gonna discuss my sissy uncle, and sissy meaning dallou3 (spoiled) girly brat. I have no problem with feminine guys, my problem is with homophobic feminine guys. And my uncle sure is one of these annoying kind.
Unlike my other uncle, this one is highly picky and feminine, but the things that is in common is the hate, the homophobia. They both despise homosexuals, transsexuals, and anything that’s not common in their life. This specific uncle is the very hypocrite one. He insults the “femininity” of being gay while in the same time nagging about not being able to finish his full hour bath or why his women’s deodorant (I don’t know why the hell he even uses them) finished. He spits on the “nastiness” gays when his personality is even filthier than his description of gays. He scorns gays for being girly while he walks around, waving his hands in a sissy manner and refusing to drink from cups since he believes we don’t clean them well enough (well enough meaning a thousand times). My uncle believes he has the right to insult gays, since in his opinion, they deserve to be killed for being such a whinny girls. The irony he spreads sometimes is stronger than the hate.
Many times I have perceived him as being gay, but the idea is dissolved after he opens his mouth. Maybe he is one of those self hating gays, I thought, but he takes self hating over the limit. Perhaps he is using these slurs to cover up for himself, yet he is hurting himself in a colossal way. After the many maybes and perhaps I decided not to think about it anymore, my uncle has a complex way of thinking, a way that only he understands. He reminds me how I would’ve been if I hadn’t met the right people, if I didn’t open my mind up and thought outside the box. I would’ve been in the never ending loop of self hating. For hate is, in general, a very heavy word with a deeper and darker meaning.


7 thoughts on “Annoying Family Members: Sissy Uncle

    • Yeah, I believe you made a point. He can be insecure from time to time. As for the family part, I still keep my ideology that you can pick your family, you can actually start a new one.

    • Yeah, I made inside jokes with my best friend and my other uncle’s wife, who by the way gave him the nickname of Sabah (because they say she used to bathe in milk and spill all around her, which is totally my uncle’s case).

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