Hope, a word deeper than its meaning. It’s wonderful how a four lettered word can mean so much. Hope is one of the things I really need right now, for hope is that small kindle that lights up the fire of happiness. “There’s always hope” I say “there is always a way”, but this time I seem to be both full and empty of hope. When it comes to my country, I am a full bundle of hope, overflowing with optimism and yearning for a better future. When it comes to romance, I feel hopeless. I feel empty. I feel sad. Yet I still find a glint of trust and hope in my memories. The wonderful five years I have spent in Lebanon are gold to me. Its ups and downs taught me a lot. I learned that there’s always hope. But when it comes to love, I hesitate. How can there be hope for a guy who has known nothing but rejection when it comes to love? How can a guy like me who has lost the best years of his life longing without being loved, find a stable relationship in a place where my mere being is a sin? What if I do find love? There’s always liars, cheaters who hiding some secret benefit; maybe someone who’s in only for the pleasure, immature guys that don’t understand the true meaning of a stable relationship full of love and caring. Maybe it’s me, I’m raising my expectations to an extend of impossible. But is the world actually depleted of guys who think there’s more than sex in a relationship? Guys who enjoy watching sunsets and still be himself? I know this might seems cheesy, but I still believe there’s Mister Perfect waiting for me. I still believe there’s a guy out there, stretching his hands for me, ready to hold me tight into his lovely arms. Even though I have this idea, I don’t get my hopes too high. You never know how the world turn and things change. All the high hopes are reserved for my lovely Lebanon. I have huge expectations for my beloved country. As you might have read before, my patriotism is beyond imaginable. For me, nothing surpasses the pleasure of enjoying any panoramic vista in my dear Lebanon.


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