At The Merge of Losing My Friendship

Today was a pretty messed up day.
After I come home from a tiring day of extra curriculum activities, I came home to find a misunderstanding between my sibling and my best friend’s. I was irritated by the problem and headed to my best friend’s parents to speak about the problems going on.
Big mistake!
Her parents ended up getting very angry at their daughter that they got to the point of blaming my innocent best friend. When the parental discussion was finished, my best friend and I had one of the most important discussions of our long friendship. We discussed, more like fought, over whose fault it is about the fight, whether it’s my sibling or hers, each of us defending our own. After some point we both became angry, so I started how insensible she is for loving a bunch of footballers that don’t even know she exists (that is Barcelona) more than she did to me. She was confused, so I had to explain to her how offended I got when she almost picked up a fight because of them a time ago. I felt that our friendship was going to end this noon, but as I grew close to tears, she came to apologize. I am glad I said that, because that opened the door for a lengthy and warm conversation about the beauty and meaning of our friendship, the things we went through, the years that we passed together. We promised to stay together, to help each other out of the bad times. She told me how bad she felt for ruining our last moments together, and how devastated she will be if I were to leave and never to return. We had a great time afterwards mending the pieces of the friendship we were prior to tear apart. We spoke of the things we should do before summer, laughing at the irony of being opposite to everyone else who’s planning things for summer. We had a great time together after the fight.
J (or Scarlett as the nickname we agreed on), once you’re reading this, you will know how much you mean to me!


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