Join The Fight!

One of the thousand politicians whom I don’t care to know their names accusing France for legalizing gay marriage and stating Lebanon’s stand on the topic.
One cannot simply close his/her eyes and relax in the “country of wonders”. Here, anything can happen in the blinking of an eye. Not so long ago, as many of you know, a gay bar located in Dekwaneh was raided by the police, and you know what that means. The people inside where harassed not only physically, but also mentally, verbally, and unfortunately, sexually. This can be considered one of the most controversial LGBT topics of the year. This, for instance, allowed us to see who’s with and who’s against. But most importantly, it showed us the filth of corruption, the hatred of the politicians, the extends homophobia takes to reach its. It has also shown us how many other people care, whether by peaceful protests, or by other means such as planning marathons promoting equality, and tweeting with the hashtags #LebLGBT and/or #DekAbuse. But most importantly, this tragedy showed us we must wake up, we must rise up and raise our voices. Whether it’s anonymously or openly we must fight. Posters, graffiti, songs, videos, pamphlets, shirts, blog posts, discussions, tweets, statuses, messages, or anything else must be used to fight, raise awareness, and gain our rights. So, what are you waiting for? Join, spread, fight, love!

Could my beautiful Lebanese flag get any better?


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