Raynbowlitious’s Birthday

So yesterday was this blog’s birthday! Honestly, I really thought it was today, I feel a bit bad about myself. Anywho…
First off I would like to thank the readers for being amazing people and making this blog what it is. It is because of you that I write (forgive my mind block, it was a very busy time for me). This blog was really not what I expected. I really did NOT expect it to be this successful. I am really looking forward for more. Right now I’m working on ways of how to make it up for you guys. I’m preparing to write a story to check my story writing skills. Maybe if I’m good I might write some more. Thank you again for everything and keep on fighting for what you believe in!
Truly yours,
P.S: If you’ve got any suggestion, comments, opinions, observations, or anything else, feel free to comment!


4 thoughts on “Raynbowlitious’s Birthday

  1. Happy blog birthday ! I really enjoy your posts and even thought you are still young your writing is way bigger than your age and i am sure you will make a great story writer … All the luck !

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