Just Another Year

Just a few days ago an incident happened that reminded me of the reason why I made this blog. Even today I was put up in a situation that felt just like the days when I thought I was having a great time just to have it all crash down upon me. It is, indeed, just another year. It was in a night like this one that I decided to create a blog, not just to vent out but also for entertainment; but times have changed. Yes, I’m not the same teenager that feels the need to note down incidents and share them to public use. I’m not the same person who was inspired to write short stories, that honestly even to these days, give me a feeling that I thought it was long lost. It’s just another year where new people come and more people go. I hate to admit this, but I have lost a couple of special people that meant a lot to me (of course, some A LOT more than others).
Finally, I want to thank you all for supporting me. Both friends and strangers have shown me a lot of appreciation that I really love and take into consideration. I know I might be exaggerating, but I must thank you for these 2 amazing years.


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