Lean on Me – Part 1

Pain. Flashes of white. Pain again. That was all Samir felt as he slowly opened his eyes. The blackness starts fading away from his eyes as he found himself in a white room with a light shining bright at his eyes while some faint murmuring occured in the background. A nurse noticed Samir regaining consciousness and moves the light away from his face. And before he knew what was happening, a bunch of footsteps start coming his way. Silhouettes start to surround him as he regains his consciousness. He begins to recognize the faces as they start to become clearer. His pretentious parents, his rowdy big brother, a couple of doctors and nurses he did not know. He could feel his head aching as they start talking to him, asking him what happened last night. He tries to get up and sit, but all in vain. There was a tramendous pain in his leg that only allowed him to move the upper part of his body.
“You really need to get some rest, dear.” said a nurse in a reassuring voice as she softly pushed him down back into his resting position.
“Are you feeling alright, buddy?” Asked one of the doctors.
“What happened? Why am I here? Why does my foot hurt so much?” He asked, confusedly.
“A hit-and-run.” Said a police officer that came through the door. “Do you remember the car? The plate number? Any detail that would give the car away? It is of great importance that you try.”
Samir was confused. He did not remember any car hitting him. He just remembered going out with his friends a Saturday night.
“Nothing.” Samir stated. “I remember nothing.”
“Very well. I shall come back once you’ve settled down and gotten better, alright?” Answered the officer.
“You need to get some rest.” Repeated the same sweet nurse that helped him out. “Sleep. Tomorrow we shall do one last check up, and if the results are positive, you will be able to go home.”
So Samir decided to listen to the nurse and get some sleep.
The next day, Samir found out his right foot had been broken and that it needed to be plastered. And so he went and got it plastered, but one thought could not escape his mind. What exactly happened to him on that dark Saturday night. He tried to remember the incidents when this train of thoughts were interrupted by some knocking at his bedroom door.
“Samir, dear, your friends are here.” Said his mother with the fakest sweet voice he had ever heard. Oh, how he hated the way his parents acted up in front of his friends. Pretending they’re all sweet, cracking up jokes, trying to bond, and all sorts of fake actions that gave his friends the wrong impression of who they truly were. But that didn’t matter for now, he had some questions for his friends that needed to be answered.
“Hello Samir,” Said Rasha guiltily “we heard of your accident just this morning.”
“Yes.” Said Elio with his Spanish accent. “We wanted to come and check up on you.”
“Hey. Thanks, I’m alright. But tell me what exactly happened.”
“Well, we were out at the mall like our usual. And you decided you wanted to walk home.” Said Rasha.
“You thought a walk under the starry sky could do you good.” Chuckled Elio at the idea of it.
“Knock it off, alright.” Rasha snapped at Elio “Can’t you see it’s a serious matter and he is badly hurt?”
Samir started smiling. His smile slowly faded away as his right keg throbbed with pain. He decided he should think if something else. He started watching tentatively as his friends discussed their trip to the mall. They had a nice group of friends. Elio was originally an exchange student from Latin America who decided to throw his old life away and start a new one. Rasha was the princess of the group, being the youngest and only girl between her 3 older brothers. A wealthy family indeed. Hala was another case. She was Samir’s best friend, the one he trusted and bonded with the most. Samir suddenly noticed her absence.
“Where is Hala?” Asked Samir in a worried tone. He was upset to not see his best friend there with him.
“She’s coming right away.” Answered Rasha.
“She’s going to pick up her cousin from the airport.” Added Elio. But he was interrupted with a swift knock and the opening of a door. Samir’s leg throbbed as the door cringed.
“Sorry we’re late.” Said Hala as she rushed by. “How does my baby Simo feel?”
“Good, good.” Answered Samir as his leg annoyed him more, yet he felt glad his best friend was finally there with him. His eyes started wondering towards the door. Hala noticed him peeking.
“Guy, I want you to meet my cousin Hani.”
And that was when Hani first lay his eyes on Samir.


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