Lean on Me – Part 4

Samir felt hesitant for a moment. He didn’t want to leave Hani hanging there, but his leg reminded him he didn’t want to (or couldn’t) go by himself. He propped himself up using Hani’s help. Goodness, he might be short but he’s strong! Samir thought. He was indeed. Hani reached Samir’s shoulders yet his hands were almost twice as muscular as Samir’s. His cast was heavy, he still didn’t get used to it. He stumbled a little until Hani caught him. He put his arms around his waist, and Samir unconsciously caught onto his shoulder to prevent his fall. Hani looked up to him and smiled, Samir returned the smile awkwardly. He wanted to move Hani’s arm away. But where to? He couldn’t pull them up because Hani wouldn’t reach, and he couldn’t push them down because it would make things more awkward. He decided that his hands were just fine there.
Hani felt Samir’s uneasiness. “Are you ok? Do you want me to get someone else?”
Samir felt guilty. This guy was very sweet. “No, no. I’m fine, it’s just my leg. I still haven’t gotten use to the cast.” Answered Samir. Hani smiled and began helping Samir to walk towards the door. Samir winced as a shot of pain went through his leg. He felt Hani’s reassuring arms tighten around as he took his first step. “Wow, you’re strong!” Exclaimed Samir as he felt Hani carry some of his weight. Hani blushed. “Yeah, I have to work out so my body doesn’t look uneven.” He said sheepishly, first staring into Samir but slowly moving his gaze away in shame. Samir didn’t want him to feel bad. “Hey, hey!” He said, rubbing Hani’s shoulders. “I also work out. You know, with a brother like mine I have to be in shape. Do you think we could go work out together?” He asked. Hani’s eyes gleamed. He nodded in agreement and smiled as he helped him down the stairs. Samir noticed Hani’s chest pressing around the side of his upper stomach/lower chest area when they turned into different directions. He could feel a bit of fat blobbing against him, but beneath it was a strong layer of muscle pressing against him. His heart beating fast against Samir’s body. He could smell his tantalizing perfume, regretting he hadn’t put some before. Hani jokingly congratulated Samir on reaching the front door of his house. Samir greeted with a smile as they reached into the porch and entered Hala’s car. It was a fancy car, a gift from her mother’s fourth husband, a mere imposition to win her acceptance. This was the third car she had gotten, so Samir knew she wouldn’t mind if Hani used it. Plus, it was the guest’s car. Hani was a good driver, he made sure he didn’t go through any bumps or turns that would ruin Samir’s comfort. They briefly chatted en route, often joking. Once they reached, Hani galantly helped him down and inside the mall. Samir’s suspicions of him being gay grew as the time passed. They both noticed the fellow shopper’s eyes fixed on the two guys embracing each other in an unusual way, in a manner that allowed more unnecessary contact. Some understood he was just helping, some took it the wrong way. Samir felt annoyed, but he was reassured as he saw Hani undisturbed and focusing on his helpful task. Samir decided to forget the people and focus on finding his friends. But in between the groups coming and going, one person caught his eye. A person whom he thought as a stranger until he looked back again.
She looked far thinner than before. He cheekbones pushing their way out towards the flesh. She had a bandage around her thin arm and a bruise on the other. What really stood out was the conspicuous plea for help her eyes sent and the gloomy depressing scowl. Not an angry one, but one that screamed displeasure. People seemed to ignore her. They knew who she was. They knew she was that filthy girl with sinful and unhealthy ways. They knew she had mischievously tried to run away from her helpful parents who wanted the best for her. Lies… Samkr thought. He knew she was abused. He knew she was bullied every day. He knew that deep under that thin frown once shined a radiant smile that could warm up anyone’s day. He knew how much her parents despised her for dishonoring them. He knew they had kicked her out, and that she lives with her understanding cousin and her abusive, close minded uncle who often beat her. Rumor has it she is to marry a guy three times her age in order to show people she isn’t a filthy sinner. He tried so much to contact her, to show her he wasn’t like the rest. But she would refuse any help. Oh, poor creature. he thought Poor innocent naive creature. He changed his thoughts after passing by her, beatings at the side of his torso reminding him a helpful guy was helping him with his burden.
“How impolite of me!” Samir exclaimed, frightening his helper with such a surprising outburst. “I’ve forgotten to thank you.” Hani sighted; he politely answered and jokingly tickled Samir as a punishment for shocking him. Samir actually enjoyed his touch. This sweet feeling sent tickling sensations down his spine. Hani saw Samir bite his lip with joy and felt his heart cringe with desire. Their short moment of bonding was stopped by Hala and the rest joining them.
“Rasha, Elio, would you come and see who’s here. Baby Simo and Hani. What are you guys doing here? Well, it doesn’t matter. We just finished shopping and we’re heading home. Guess what? You’re sleeping over I already talked to your parents. See you guys!” Said Hala in an instant. She didn’t let anyone object or even speak. She always had it her way.
“So. You guys got to know each other right?” She added in a playful tone to Samir and Hani, as she lead them to the parking lot.
Somehow, Samir knew what she was up to…


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