Lean on Me – Part 5

I’m starting to fall for him. Thought Samir as Hani maneuvered the car to Hala’s house. He was a good driver since he was able to drive the car smoothly while catching glimpses of Samir, who was sitting at the back to relax his leg.
“The usual?” Asked Samir. Hala nodded blankly, somehow sad. “The usual” was a code they created to know of they will be having any company at home. Hala’s family life was a trainwreck; her parents are divorced, none wanting to see her. Her dad had 3 mistresses, the last time she saw him was at the courtroom when she chose to live with her mom rather than him. Samir always told her she was better off without him. Her mom wasn’t any better, though; she was convinced she needed a man in her life, any man. So she has been going on and off marriages, often with wealthy European men who were always thoughtful to send her expensive gifts. Jewelry, up-to-date phones, luxurious cars, and everything she could ask for, except the presence of her mother. She was always in Moscow, Berlin, Strasbourg, Florence, or any other random European city. Her last visit to Hala was months ago, it had lasted only an hour. Hala decided to give it all up and live with her beloved grandfather. He was an old man, yet he was always busy. He was the owner of a prosperous bank, so he had little time for his granddaughter. And so, Hala felt she was the only dweller of her grandfather’s abode, save her grandfather who locked himself whenever he was home in the library and her aunt, Hani’s mom, who often came to check up on her niece and father. Obviously, she had gone through a lot and often went through depression. That’s how Samir and Hala became close. She started inviting him over to her house to rid her of her loneliness. After all, there was no one to refuse; Hala was basically living alone, and Samir’s parents couldn’t care less. A small bump in their mansion brought both Hala and Samir back to reality. Hani was quick to check up on Samir, he parked the car and turned around quickly, massaging Samir’s leg gently. Samir got a tingling sensation from his touch, he smiled back at him and reassured him that he was ok. Hani decided this time he was gonna carry Samir in his arms, it was far easier with all these stairs. Samir loved every moment, clinging tightly onto his neck, sniffing his intoxicating aroma that got the hairs at his hands rising. Hani led Samir up to the guest’s room, Hala following up behind them, grining as she witnessed her plan unveiling into success. When they reached the room, he lay Samir softly upon the bed, Hala jokingly compared them to a newlywed couple on their honeymoon. Their reaction has been similar, an embarrassed blush. Hala decided to break the ice by bringing a wine bottle from the deep cellar. She was sure no one would notice; she chose from the endless cheap gifts they had accumulated by the years, also who was there to notice the absence of a cheap vine bottle? They drank and spoke and played spin the bottle the way young teenagers would. They laughed and rejoiced and when that April sun started to send it’s first rays of twighlits in the far horizon, they slept deeply.
It was the start of something beautiful…
After a month of talking and getting to know each other, they went out on their first date, and it was on their first date that they shared their first kiss. Samir started to fall deeply for that radiant smile and those deep lovely dimples he had. Samir learned to look beyond the flaws that short wide guy, to seek beneath those layers of fat and muscle to find a lovely guy who enjoyed to take care of him. An amazing guy who drived like an expert, a guy that managed to kiss Samir’s hand passionately as he dodged the nearby cars and swore in between wet kisses. Samir liked to nibble his neck whenever they found a chance to stop, smelling his delicious skin as he showered it with kisses. On their fifth month they decided to go on a roadtrip to a far away camping site by a small lake surrounded by forest. They stopped on an isolated spot, to startgaze on top of the trunk of the guest’s car. And it was there on a dark lonely night where they decided to sneak into the backseat and cuddle naked, until desire took over and they made love to each other there inside the car. It was the best thing they had both experienced. When they reached their camping site, they set up their camp and cooked their food: canned beans, roasted sausages, and s’mores for dessert. They drank and spoke all day long, watching the sunset in each other’s arms. When the dark settled and midnight came, Hani kissed his beloved.
“Do you want to go swimming? I bet the water must feel amazing under this summer night.” He suggested with those puppy hazel eyes. “I know you would love it under this hot summer night.” He winked. Samir was convinced, he started to take off Hani’s shirt as they raced each other into the cold waters of the lake. Hani swept Samir off his feet and threw him into the water. Samir screamed, and pushed his lovely man into the water, shaking with the cold. They laughed and went deeper into the water. When they reached an appropiate depth, they started kissing passionately. Hani started to push down Samir’s shorts. Samir giggled and kissed his lover’s ears going down into his cheek and neck as Hani started undoing Samir’s shorts and his’s, bundling down the clothes and throwing them into the shore. His strong throw left the wet shorts far into the land, he lift his eyebrow as Samir looked impressed into him. They looked at each other and started caressing each other. Hani slid his hands down Samir’s body and stroked him. Under that starry night they made love to each other, fearless of anyone seeing them, nature being the only witness of their act of unconditional love. When their reached their maximum pleasure, they wadded back into the forest, laying there in each other’s arms, naked and tired. They drifted off into sleep slowly, happy, careless of the world.


2 thoughts on “Lean on Me – Part 5

  1. Something every couple would wish and hope for. I would love to live with my boyfriend in the same manner. Love and love and lots of love without carrying abiut opinions. Great ending got me excited to see what is to happen next

    • Hello there! I’m really happy to hear you liked the story, but there’s just one more part. I agree about that, for I believe it is truly a universal wish everyone has.
      Hope you enjoy my blog!

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