Lean on Me – Part 6

The first rays of sun settled and Samir could feel Hani’s brawny hands tightening around him. He was woken by Hani pulling him close, sheltering him from an unknown danger. An unusual rustling of leaves and an ominous absence of Hani’s touch made Samir feel worried. A macabre compilation of suspicious noises made Samir want to get up to check what was wrong. Samir parted his eyes open and sat up to see what the fuss was all about. To his dismay, he found a couple of guys beating his lover with guns. He yelled and jumped right at them, but his offense was met by a blow that knocked him off a few feet away. He inspected his surroundings: his beloved Hani all bloody and naked, a two or three guys taunting them with guns, one of them his own brother.
Shoot! My brother’s annual hunting trips! Samir thought, hating himself for not  remembering. Samir hurried towards Hani to check up on him, to kiss him and hold him and protect him.
“Would you look at what we have here, boys?” Addressed Naeem to his friends. “Princess Simio and her lovely fairy. Fairy? I meant monster. Look at him, all hairy and fat. I wish I had the chance to beat you up that other day.”
Samir felt his eyes water. This was the second time he dared to cry in front of his brother after their childhood days. He put his hands on Hani’s face and kissed every inch he saw. He wiped the blood from his wounds and kissed them with care. Hani moaned with pain, he was badly hurt. Samir just wrapped his one and only into his hands and closed his eyes. He could not bear seeing him in such pain. It took most of Hani’s strength to sit back up and cuddle Samir.
“Guys, this is so adorable, the ape and the princess love each other a lot.” Said Naeem mockingly, throwing a kick towards his brother’s stomach as the bullies laughed. Samir fell off Hani’s arms, which caused the latter to go towards him to check up on him with one loving caress. Samir took a moment to get himself together, that heavy combat boot puffed all of his air out.
“Stop it!” Managed to say Samir, clenching his teeth. “You’re had your fun, now leave us alone.”
“Brother, you dissapoint me.” Rebuked Naeem after whispering something to his friends. “You do think I’m going to let you into this disgusting sin without proper punishment? After all, I’m a man of my words, and it would dishonor me to break my promise.”
Samir knew what he meant, and he realized this was just the start. The brutes rooted his lover off Samir’s protective arms, which caused him to jump for his help. His reaction was met by his brother’s boot, which pushed him down unto the earth. He was forced to watch his beloved get humiliated by the bunch of guys. They beat him with their rifles, blows coming from sides. When he collapsed, the bullies sexually assaulted him with a stick. Samir felt devastated as he saw his strong man being defamed in such manner. What really broke him, what really tore his heart apart was when their eyes met. Hani’s eyes screamed pain, but deep beneath they whispered reassuring loves of word to him. He even managed to draw a faint smile from within all this affliction. Samir wept like a baby. His brother crouched down and sat on Samir’s back, he yanked his hair back.
“Do you see sweet brother?” Whispered Naeem. “This is what happens to faggots like you.” When he realized his brother was still weeping, he yanked back even more and smashed his face unto the ground. “Man up!” He grunted “Watch this, goddamn it!”
Samir’s face met the ground with a strong force that broke his nose. He felt dizzy as he choked on his own blood. He felt arms carry him and throw him unto Hani. And there they laid, all bloody and half conscious. Samir was broken, he felt the last 6 months flashing before his eyes. He looked at Hani; even when he was all bloody he looked so beautiful and strong to him. Samir went to reach out his hand and hold it one last time. Was it really that fate didn’t want them to last any longer? Why was it that when Samir felt that he had found the perfect guy, when his life was just starting to get together, faith had to ruin it all. For this one time only he had felt a flick of hope sparking inside of him. He coughed up some blood and crawled towards Hani to lay in his arms. He was really perfect for him, they were really perfect for each other. Samir became aware of how much he had loved the way he looked at him. Whether it was when he was driving, or cooking, or walking, or when they held hands while making love, he had felt two angelical eyes looking at him, right through him. He had always seen a sun in him when all Samir could find was darkness. Samjr felt Hani could read his mind, because they managed to laugh, for no apparent reason, over all the blood and pain.
“They’re crazy.” One of them exclaimed.
“Are they mocking us?” The other asked.
“We cannot leave them like this here. What if someone finds them?” A third one he had not nitice added.
“Guys, guys, guys. Let’s not get overwhelmed.” Said Naeem, calming the guys down. Let’s end this, I’m tired from all this work; and I reassure you, they both won’t be missed.
Samir kissed his man as he felt the sun rise from the east when he realized his brother was right. No one but Hala would miss them both. He knew his parents would agree that he was better off dead than gay. He remembered a talk his dad once had, when he said that if he was ever to find them doing drugs or taking other men the way they should take women, he would put a bullet between their eyes. He decided to push back those thoughts as he saw Hani gather all his strength to hold Samir’s hand unto his sweet lips and kiss them until there was no tomorrow, for they both knew there wasn’t. Their act of love seemed to drown out the brute’s commands and noise. They huddled closely together and embraced one last time. They whispered their “I love you” and kissed each other as the others got their guns ready for action. They closed their eyes, finally at peace.
And the last thing that was heard was two gunshots echoed throught the forest.


9 thoughts on “Lean on Me – Part 6

  1. Oh my god. I cried thru the whole thing. The pain and the humiliation and the love they still had. This was soo deep I don t know u my tears are escaping my eyes. It really touched me. Great job I can t express it the way I want 2 . Wow

  2. “Hani’s eyes screamed pain, but deep beneath they whispered reassuring loves of word to him.”

    This is really powerful.

    Dude, I loved this story. Definitely didn’t end the way I expected.

    I guess the only thing worse than getting beat up and pushed around is watching the one you love going through that torture.

    Keep writing.

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