You might think that I hate you; however, you are the world to me.
You, the victim of my many deadly glares, the many hurtful words I have said.
A person I would die for, a person who doesn’t know how much I love them. A deep unconditional love only very very few and limited have the privilege, or the disadvantage, to receive from me.
You don’t know that all I do is because I love you so much and don’t wanna see you going through the rough and unthinkable paths I walked with sadness.
My heart breaks when I see you imitating every single one of my footsteps. Almost throwing yourself into the never ending abyss of the mistakes I have commited.
You see me as a superhero, a role model, somehow digging deep beneath the layers of fake laughs and foul actions. You seem to find a spark in me that makes you happy, and I unconsciously try to put it out.
Because you want to be like me.
But I don’t want you to ever be like me.


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